Kitware’s professional training courses offer the best opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of our open-source products as part of a high quality, cross-platform software development process.

Tailored to your expertise level and your needs, these courses allow both users and developers to discover or master the benefit of tools such as CMake, ITK, ParaView, 3D Slicer or VTK.

Training Courses Agenda

October 2&3, 2023 CMake
October 4, 2023 ActiViz
October 5, 2023 Introduction to Kitware web technologies
October 6, 2023 VTK.JS
October 9, 2023 ITK
October 10, 2023 LiDAR SLAM
October 11, 2023 3D Slicer
October 12, 2023 MONAI / Medical Machine Learning
October 16, 2023 ParaView User
October 17, 2023 ParaView Advanced
October 18, 2023 VTK for Data Exploration
October 19, 2023 VTK for Application Developers
October 20, 2023 VTK for Medical Imaging
October 24, 2023 LidarView for Beginners

This course covers in depth how CMake works and how to efficiently write CMake scripts for small to larger projects. The second part of the course covers unit testing with CTest, packaging with CPack and continuous integration with CDash. The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.

This training will present the common uses of the VTK toolkit using a practical oriented methodology.
The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.
This course will give an overview of ParaView: how to visualize and process data. The examples are based on use cases from several scientific domains.

The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.

The Insight Toolkit is a powerful library for image processing and analysis. This course covers the basic architecture of ITK and how to implement algorithms using the framwork.

3DSlicer is a visualization and analysis software dedicated to image data. Its intuitive GUI allows for using advanced image processing algorithm through open source libraries. The design originally focused on research projects directly or indirectly related to imaging. 3DSlicer is now used world-wide, in a variety of projects running from medical imaging to astronomy.

The objectives of this course will interest users of scientific visualization tools, but also developers willing to customize the interface.


Girder is a free and open source web-based data management platform developed by Kitware as part of the Resonant data and analytics ecosystem. Girder is both a standalone application and a platform for building new web services.


MONAI is a freely available, community-supported, PyTorch-based framework for deep learning in healthcare imaging. It provides domain-optimized foundational capabilities for developing healthcare imaging training workflows in a native PyTorch paradigm. Nvidia is one of the main maintainers of this project.


LidarView performs real-time visualization and processing of LiDAR 3D data captured in real time. It is a ParaView-based application that provides specific real-time network data management for multiple LiDARs brands, as well as post-processing tools related to LiDARs. It also has a specific user interface, focused on real-time visualization and analysis of LiDAR data from leading LiDARs manufacturers.