3D Slicer Training

3DSlicer is a visualization and analysis software dedicated to image data. Its intuitive GUI allows for using advanced image processing algorithm through open source libraries. The design originally focused on research projects directly or indirectly related to imaging. 3DSlicer is now used world-wide, in a variety of projects running from medical imaging to astronomy.

The objectives of this course will interest users of scientific visualization tools, but also developers willing to customize the interface.



  1. Loading/Saving data (DICOM, models,…)
  2. Mastering the 3DSlicer’s interface
  3. Using segmentation and registration algorithms
  4. Writing simple python scripts


Basic knowledge in imaging (volume, processing)


  • 3DSlicer interface overview
    • Usual imaging software
    • 3DSlicer specific functionalities
  • Format support (DICOM, mesh,…)
    • Non-exhaustive list of supported formats
    • Loading, visualization and export
  • Segmentation and registration algorithms
    • Manual and semi-automatic segmentation tools
    • Quantitative analysis of data
    • Region growing algorithm
    • Manual and semi-automatic registration tools
  • Python Scripting
    • 3DSlicer GUI modification through simple scripts
    • Basic image processing using NumPy

This training course will be taught in English. Course notes are also in English.
Participants are asked to bring a laptop computer for this training session.
The instructor will communicate all the specifications required to each participants before the training session.

Lunch is included when the training is at Kitware’s premises

Kitware SAS is registered as a training center in France


Practical Information

Duration: 1 day
Next training Date: March 21, 2023
Time zone: Paris (CET / GMT+1h)
Schedule: 9am to 5pm
Location: Online
Price: 800€

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Meet the instructor


Thibault Pelletier is  R&D Engineer – Lead Developer at Kitware Lyon.

At Kitware, Thibault is responsible for software development around VTK, Qt, ITK and Slicer. Thibault also leads several projects related to Slicer development and customization

Thibault  joined the Kitware Europe in September 2019 as an R&D engineer within the Application Development team.
He obtained his engineering degree from the School Art et Metiers ParisTech, as well as a Master in Mecatronic Systems Design at the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom. His 9 years of experience at ECA Robotics allowed him to work on image processing for obstacle avoidance systems, navigation algorithms for cockpit inspection robots and underwater simulators. These experiences coupled with his valuable C ++ expertise allow Thibault to work on various software development projects at Kitware.