Julien Finet is the Director for the Software Solutions team at Kitware Europe.
He had joined Kitware Europe in 2014 as a Technical Leader.
At Kitware, Julien Finet has been an R&D engineer and a project manager on numerous projects related to Medical imaging (3D Slicer, ITK, DICOM…), Scientific Visualization (VTK, ParaView…), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and more recently over the Web (VTK.js, ParaViewWeb, React…).
In 2014, Julien moved to Kitware France.
At Kitware, Julien Finet has been involved in numerous projects for the Medical and Scientific Visualization departments(VTK, ITK, ParaView…). He notably was the technical lead for porting 3D Slicer to Qt. He has been a major developer on CTK and was leading the Bender project, a Slicer based application for repositioning voxelized anatomical models. In 2014, Julien moved to Kitware France.
Prior to joining Kitware, Mr. Finet worked as an intern at Siemens Corporate Research (Princeton, NJ) in the Neuro Imaging department.He later worked as a consultant for General Electric Healthcare in Buc (France) in the Advantage Workstation department.
Julien Finet received M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from the Technological University of Compiegne (France) in 2005 and his B.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in Imaging from the University Institute of Technology of Reims (France) in 2002.
As part of his project management missions, Julien obtained the Professional SCRUM Master certification.


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