About Kitware

Open source solutions to innovate

For over ten years, Kitware develops software ranging from small prototypes finalized in a few weeks until the developments over several years.

Our teams are working either autonomously to develop the software that best fits the requirements of our customers, or in collaboration with the development teams during the planning stages, development and maintenance of the project. With our interactive software development process based on the agile method, the results are tangible and visible very quickly by our customers.

Kitware says this commitment to transparency in terms of progress and development. Furthermore our quality control can show daily product stability in current implementation. We base our custom software development on our open source solutions and we use our software management platforms and our test tools to ensure a final product of high quality, easily maintainable and free of license fees. Although the software development is done entirely in-house, the property of the source code is the customer. All our engineers are not only experts in C / C ++ but also have specific expertise such as Java, Python, PHP, Qt, Fortran and SQL.
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