Julien joined Kitware Europe as R&D engineer on the Kitware Scientific Visualization team in April 2022.

in 2020, Julien obtained a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics and Materials at Mines ParisTech. Julien’s Ph.D. research investigated full field modeling of annealing twin formation and evolution using the level set finite element method applied to nickel based superalloys. Prior to this, Julien achieved a M.S. in Material Engineering with a double diploma in Polymer Systems Engineering at ENSCL in Lille (France).

After his Ph.D. Julien followed up with a Post Doctoral Resarch contrat at the M2P2 laboratory in Marseille (France) during which he worked on the development of efficient Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) Finite Element schemes for the simulation of tokamak edge plasmas. His last experience in a French start up (RenaissanceFusion) was focused on the development of advanced numerical models for the design and optimization of electromagnetic stellarator coils.