Mike Rye

R&D Engineer

Mike joined Kitware Europe in 2019 as a Research and Development Engineer in the computer vision team.
Before obtaining his PhD in Physics at the Université Claude Bernard and ENS in Lyon, France, Mike
received his first MSc in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Skövde in Sweden, followed by a second MSc in Nanoscale Engineering at the Université Claude Bernard, ECL and INSA in Lyon.
Among other projects, Mike has previously developed
- an application in C++ for modular digital image processing with a graphical workflow design front-end using Git with continuous integration and testing
- machine-learning software in Python for the detection of falls in elderly care centers using integrated floor sensors
- control software in LabView for fully automating research experiments with workflows of arbitrary complexity, along with a companion library in Python for post-processing, analysis and visualization of the collected data
With his C/C++, Python, OpenCV & CMake proficiency, Mike mainly works on the Veloview project
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